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Otawara, Soaring City - Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO)

Otawara, Soaring City - Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO)

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T: Add U.
Channel — 3U, Discard Otawara, Soaring City: Return target artifact, creature, enchantment, or planeswalker to its owner's hand. This ability costs 1 less to activate for each legendary creature you control.
  • Rarity:R
  • #:271
  • Card Type:Legendary Land
  • TCGplayer Tip:Four mana is a high price to bounce one permanent, but there are times when that effect will win you the game. The rest of the time, Otawara, Soaring City is just an Island... historically, the best land in Magic.
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